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Take your food chart for diet plan

When weight can’t be decreased with any other system then doctors try with crush diet. It is the way of having weight loss for those who are extremely heavy weighted, with a systematic work. Here is a crush diet chart is given considering average weight:

বাংলায় পরতে এখানে ক্লিক করুন

1st day of diet chart

We shall talk later about the food. First let me say talk of my mind. 1st of all you have to struggle with your mind, as you did a lot of unhealthy dieting over a long time. You can’t have any foods without fruits at 1st day! But a fruit list, banana is not allowed. Fruits having much water such as watermelon, mango, papaya, orange, pine apple etc are not useful in case of weight loss. Try other fruits and fruit’s juice.

diet plan

2nd day of diet chart

Avoid rice, flesh, and fishes. Eat a lot of vegetables. Vegetables without rice seem weird? But you have no other options. Diet consultants will consult you this. Gourd, pumpkin, papaya, cowpea, cucumbers etc should be eaten in 2nd day. Drink a lot of water.

3rd day

You ate fruits at first day and vegetables at 2nd day. And today you will both of these. Feeling good right? Eat as much you want of these but never eat banana or potatoes, these are forbidden. You can eat also vegetables soup but spices are not allowed there.

4th day

Fat becomes weak from 3rd day if all goes well. But as health also needs protein, let’s think about protein that day. So you have to eat banana considering this. 8 bananas and 3 glass milk is your diet plan that day.

5th day

Today you can eat beef. Yo8 can also eat chicken. You don’t think that I am doing fun! You may have these but you must have to avoid spices here also. And also think about the amount.

6th day

6th day you may have vegetables with flesh, as much as you want. But don’t forget to drink enough water.

7th day

Today is the last day. Eat whatever you want; it may b fruit, vegetables, juice or rice. This diet may lose your weight about 3 to 3.5kg. but don’t be too excited and don’t take too much foods within a day. In fact follow the rules and procedures of eating.

Keep in mind

  1. Drink a lot of water in these days. 8 to 10 glass every day.
  2. Don’t drink alcohol
  3. If you want to take tea or coffee it should be without sugar and milk.
  4. Fruit juice is not allowed before 7th
  5. Do some physical activities also beside diet chart.

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