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Some habit can damage your liver

In our body’s most important organ is the liver. Here we eat every day, we entered into it in the liver and then it is distributed throughout the body. A healthy body is the most important role in keeping the liver. The liver cells are destroyed quickly, which is why it cannot work properly. We lost a little bit back to the liver cells themselves to blame. There are many causes for damaging our liver. The important causes are:

  1. Drinking alcohol

The common cause of liver damage is excessive drinking alcohol. Too much alcohol reduces the capability of the liver to remove toxic substances. Alcohol factor is due to the accumulation of fat in the liver. Damaging liver, fatty liver, liver cancer, even as the disease is fatal.

 liver damage

  1. Over use of medicine

Due to too much eating of medicine liver has lost its efficacy. Not only just Harb, vitamin supplements, etc. The ability of the liver is damaged. It can damage the liver, which is a medication tainala Acetaminophen (Tylenol) is called. Its cold, fever medications are used to. It seems to be a safe drug. It is taking additional liver damage. So if fever cold medicine to refrain from eating.

  1. Smoking

It has been said: “Smoking is poison”. Smoking is responsible for this damage to your liver. Cigarettes directly affect the liver. The cigarette components directly affect the liver and produces oxidative stress. Oxidative stress fibrosis of the liver tissue has been destroyed. Not only does it prevent the liver in the daily activities.

  1. Insufficient sleep

Many of us have insomnia problems. The problem of insomnia or insufficient sleep is happen when if your liver is damaged. According to the Journal of Anatomy, creates oxidative stress, insufficient sleep. In another study by the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Medicine have revealed that they have been having problems sleeping at night obesity, diabetes, heart disease and liver, as well as having problems are related.

  1. Obesity and lack of nutritious food

Obesity and other health problems as well as damaging the liver are affected. Blood sugar and fat liver usually processes and controls. Additional meal, sugar or fat liver cannot process. The result is the accumulation of fat around the liver. Nutritious foods such as vegetables, fruits, eat more fast food; junk food intake is caused by the accumulation of fat in the liver.


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