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High Blood Pressure: Symptom & Treatment

High blood pressure  is a certain disease. Prevention and treatment-both are needed for it. Otherwise many problems has to be faced, it may also be cause for death.

What is high blood pressure or hyper tension?

When blood changes its position with a specific pressure that is known as normal blood pressure. There is no specific rate of blood pressure. It varies from people to people and it may also vary to same people in different situation. Worry, anxiety, hard work, exercise may increase blood pressure. While taking rest and sleeping, blood pressure decreases. It is a normal process. Most of the time the rate of blood pressure remains in normal rate. Young age’s persons don’t face high blood pressure problems normally. But if anybody faces high blood pressure, and even during taking rest, then he is high blood pressure patient.

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Is it a complex or serious disease?

It may harm a lot. Sometime it does not show any symptoms. It may harm many parts of the body silently. That’s why it is called “silent killer”. Uncontrolled blood pressure may cause serious physical problems.

What kind of complexities will face?

4 parts of our body may seriously damaged by high blood pressure. Such as- heart, kidney, brain and eye. Our muscles may get weak for high blood pressure. Weak heart can’t pump blood and this situation is called heart failure. So heart attack or infection may be caused for this problem. High blood pressure also may damage kidney, causes brain stroke which may lead to death. Blindness can be also caused for blood pressure.

Why blood pressure increases?

There are no specific reasons for most of the cases of high blood pressure. It is known as primary or essential blood pressure. But some things increases the risk of high blood pressure such as

Family history

If your family members have suffered before, then you are in risk of suffering this disease.


Many dangerous toxins affects on the body of smokers. So many diseases along with high blood pressure may occur.

Taking too much salt

Sodium which is included in salt increases the amount of water vapor in the blood. So blood pressure increases.

Heavy weight and lazy lifestyle

If you don’t do enough physical exercise then weight may increase. Then heart has to do more work and thus heavy weighted person face high blood pressure problem.

Unhealthy diet

Fatty foods such as flesh, cheese, fried foods etc increases weight. If cholesterol in your body increases, blood vessels become hard and widen. Then blood pressure becomes high.

Drinking much alcohol

Those who drink much alcohol face high blood pressure problems.


Patients of diabetes face high blood pressure problem with the time.


More angry, anxiety, fear and mental pressure may cause high blood pressure for a limited time. Many diseases increase blood pressure.

If it is possible to find out some specific reasons, then it is secondary hypertension. The reasons are-

Kidney disease, tumor of adrenal and pituitary knot, family history, taking birth control pill for a long time, taking hormone such as steroid and taking pain killer much.

What to do for reducing risk?

Changes in lifestyle may reduce the risk

Weight loss

Control food habits it and do exercise regularly. But don’t take medicines for reducing weight. It is dangerous. Don’t take any kind of medicines without the consultation of doctors.

Awareness in food taking

Eat foods that have less fat and less cholesterol. Eat flesh, egg etc in little amount. Foods rich in fiber are healthier.

Regular exercise

Walking, running if possible, using stairs instead of lift etc. should be practiced.

Avoid smoking

Smoking is must be avoided. It causes many health problems.

Control diabetes

Control diabetes if you have. Control mental pressure also. Take rest regularly. Don’t do hard work if feel tired.

Regular check up

Do regular check up. If you can’t prevent it before going in a serious stage, you may get relief from many complexities.

Is it necessary to do treatment?

it can’t be treated, only can be prevented. Regular medicines need to be taken. Don’t stop taking medicines without the consultation from doctors. Many show carelessness in taking medicines.

Because they think that high blood pressure is not affecting in their body. But they are totally wrong. They may face stroke or serious heart disease suddenly and even may die. Consultation from doctors should be taken and regular medicines should be taken therefore.


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