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Kegel exercise : guide for man

You are thinking now that kegel exercise is for only woman, then why here guideline for man! Actually it is not right. Woman gets more benefit from this exercise while man can also have.

Kegel exercise make the muscles stronger and make the body fitness easily. Like women, men can also take this exercise any time anywhere. But everyone should know the right muscles selection and way before doing the exercise.

Kegel exercise for man and it’s usefulness:

Our muscles may become weak for many reasons. Such as tumor on frosted grand or any surgery, diabetes etc. kegel exercise stronger the muscles of pelsive floor and thus help in preventing many diseases.

Many also said that sexual problems can also be solved by kegel exercise.


How man will do kegel exercise

Finding  pelsive floor muscles and contracting and extracting it is little bit difficult, but not impossible.

  1. Find the correct muscles.

While flatulence problem or urine problems, the muscles that become extract are pelsive floor muscles.

  1. Select the right technique

Take the piss before starting exercise. This exercise should be done lying on the floor firstly. Laying on the floor contract your pelsive floor muscles for 3 seconds, then extract for 3 seconds. Do constantly for several times. But not much in amount. When your muscles will be stronger then you can do it any time sitting, standing even walking!

  1. Have concentrated

For better result, be concentrated while exercising. Many wrongly extract while exercising. But it is not correct. And try to keep your breathing normal.

  1. How many times?

(3 times in a day. Do 3 set of 10 reps.)

Sometime you can also practice it while other works. Pelsive floor muscles may automatically extract or contract, while doing some work that pressurize on abdomen.

The problem is-

Don’t feel ashamed if you face any problem while exercising. Consult with doctors so that they can better help you in doing good exercise.

In some cases, biofeedback training may help. In this session, doctors enter a monitoring probe on anus and observe the whole condition. They notice if you may do the right muscles extraction or contraction or if you can, what time is needed for that.

When you will get result?

Kegel exercise if is done regularly then you may get relief from urine problem within 3 to 6 weeks. Sexual problems need 3 month or more to be solved. This exercise should be done for having benefits.


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