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Kegel exercise : guide for woman

This exercise helps to reduce urine timing; problem and also reduce the muscles problem of abdomen.

 Here a step by step guide is given for how to do kegel exercise regularly.

This exercise helps in creating strong muscles of abdomen and pelsive floor which reduces many other diseases. You can do it anytime even in time of pregnancy also!

বাংলা পরতে এখানে ক্লিক  করুন

First, understand why kegel exercise is important

For many reasons your pelsive floor muscles may get weaker. Born of baby, being aged even weight also causes this. So many muscles of lower part of body may get down. So many problems may occur for this.


How to do kegel exercise

Firstly select these muscels and know the way how to extract and contract them.

Firstly find out muscles. Then try to contract them with your fingers entering in your vagina. Now loose your muscles .notice that has become like previous condition.

Don’t do cegel exercise if while doing piss. Otherwise muscles will be looser and it will be harmful.

Now the full way. After detecting, lay down on floor or sit down on a chair. Contact pelsive muscles, keep for 5 seconds, then loose after 5 seconds. Try this 4/5 times constantly. Now try to do 10 seconds instead of 5 seconds.

Not only psychically, mentally concentration also should be given. For getting better result give better concentration. Keep in m mind that it should not be pressurized on muscles. Don’t stop breathing.

Create 3 sets and do these exercise at least for repeated 10 times and done for 3 times. No extra time is needed for this exercise. You can do this exercise while doing other works.

If you can continuously do this exercise, you will have several benefits such as no problem of urine, no problem during sex, and many other advantages.

Usefulness of exercises

We say that exercise is important. But why it is important and how much, many of us don’t know that. Regular exercise gives relief from various long term diseases. Weight can be reduced via exercise. Good sleeping and mental satisfaction also comes through physical exercise.

Exercise keeps mind fresh. Many toxic items are reduced by exercise. That’s why physical and mental satisfaction with brightness in skin and face also can be getting through physical exercise. Depression can’t effect much to those who do regular exercise.

Chronic diseases are prevented by daily exercise. Today our physical hard work has reduced, food habit also has changed. So chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases, high blood pressure, cancer etc getting stronger day by day. Regular exercise prevents these.

Weight loss is possible with regular exercise.

Those who have heavy weight there is no other option without exercise. Calories are burned by physical activities. Thus when even we do exercise, our calories will be burned and our weight will be in our control.

Regular exercise motivate for work

More oxygen and nutrition is provided in our body regularly with exercise. And our heart and blood nerves remain well. And we feel refreshment and can do other works properly. It inspires our work capability.

Regular exercise helps for sleeping

Those who have problem of insomnia, exercise is very helpful for them. exercise removes insomnia, and reduce much sleeping also. But exercise should be done in morning, not in night before sleeping!


Regular exercise is also helpful for sex life

Who have problems regarding sexual life; can be benefited greatly from exercise. Sex interest increases by psychical activities and married life become happier.


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