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Osteoporosis (bone diseases): Symptoms & Treatment

What is osteoporosis?

It is a problem of bone, which causes the change of density and quality of bone. And for this bone can be broken without any injury or with minor injury.

Though the bone structured started from mother’s womb, but it becomes perfect within 25 to 30 years. Then continually damages for various injury or reasons.

Many reasons for damages of bone

Our bone is damaged regularly for many reasons, and grows also. When damages become more then growth, the problem occurs. Damages of bone occurs after a specific age, and in case of women, after the closing of period, hormone estrogen decreases and bon damages occur more and more. Some medicines such as steroid may also be a reason for bone damages, some diseases such as chronic kidney, thyroid or per thyroid causes bone damages.

Osteoporosis (bone)

More reasons for bone damage

Many reasons are also included, such as- lack of calcium, vitamin D in food, indigestion, lay down in bad for long time etc. many reason are the causes such as personal health and nutrition, lifestyle, harmonic change, number of children etc.

Which boners are easily broken?

Our body is constructed with 2 types of bones, compact bone and orbicular bone. Compact bone has a lot of mineral and thick. And orbicular bone has empty spaces and this kind of bone damages first. Bone of backbone, waist bone, elbow bone etc is the orbicular bone and easily breaks for osteoporosis.  Sometime bone of backbone is damaged and we have to suffer much pain.

Problems of osteoporosis

Many patients may not face any problem while having the osteoporosis problem. And many may feel pain in waist or back. But back and waist pain may causes for many other reasons. Bone damage is only one reason of those. For bone damage bone can be broken for minor injury or without any injury. Sometime falling down also causes breaking of bone. These treatments are really complex and costly.

The way of determining bone density

There are many systems for determining bone density. But in our country we have duel x ray absorptive  and bone endometriosis.

The way of resolving bone damages

Regular walking, exercise, calcium in foods, vitamin d etc are the prevent ion of bone damages. Those who have face the problem of bone damage should take dairy foods such as milk, egg calcium etc. avoid smoking if you have and consult with doctors for treatment.

Way to keep bones strong

The main elements of bones are protein, collagen and calcium. Naturally bone becomes weak and damaged after 30 years. Bones become totally weak during 50 to 60 years. So simple injury may cause much harm of bones.

Who are in much risk?

  1. Those who have family history of having bone problems may face yhis problem
  2. Lifestyle detects the way of being healthy or sick. Nutritious food taking from childhood, eating calcium and protein riches foods, avoiding alcohol and smoking, doing physical exercise regularly, and being active are necessary for bone.
  3. Those who are weak in physical exercise, especially woman have the risk of bone damage.
  1. Bone damage may also causes for the problems of thyroid and pituitary knot.
  1. Taking steroid medicines for a long time, arteries etc causes damage of bone.


Many feel pain in back, waist, neck and muscles. Any many also bent down in frontally.

Ways to keep bones strong

Regular exercise, such as jogging, walking, and being active are the main ways. If you do physical work more in youth then you may face less problems in old ages. In youth, daily 1 thousand 200mg calcium, 1 thousand mg within 50 years and 1 thousand 200 mg calcium above 50 years should be taken. Avoid smoking. Do different tests and check up. In emergency, consult with doctors and take medicines.


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