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Splenomegaly or gallbladder stone?

Splenomegaly or gallbladder like a small bag. Just below the liver of our body position. In the stomach and gallbladder on the right, number one. Splenomegaly is present in the bile or bile. The bile builds a lever. Before our meal gallbladder or bile is full. Splenomegaly can deflate when the gallbladder or eat. The bile helps digestion of food mixed with food.

Splenomegaly stones is the well-known problem in the world. Many of these experiences can be heard from all around. Is this stones is really real stones or something else? How could I doubt that Splenomegaly in stone?


What is stone? 

Splenomegaly stones are actually small as a grain of sand grains or larger than matarera from the granular solid material, which may be of different colors and different shapes. It depends on what materials made of stone. Cholesterol, bilirubin, or the combination of calcium, etc., may be mixed with the stones The bile and light brown, white or pitch-black color can be mayalate. Splenomegaly is right at the bottom of the stomach and the liver. The main work is to create a work of bile. Digestion of food, especially fatty bile to digest food needs. This is due to the addition of stones Splenomegaly creates a variety of additional substances.

Who is more affected?
Fat and over weight person  is more affected  in Splenomegaly stone. women affected percentage tendency is higher than men in this Splenomegaly stone. The 40 up age, food habits, birth control pills can increase the risk of excessive fatty food consumption.

How do you understand that your Splenomegaly has stone?
Splenomegaly position where the stomach before it has been called. It is the inflammation of Splenomegaly stone, which is called kolesistaitisa. In that time in stomach may be severe pain on the right side. This pain can last from minutes to an hour or so.Also this pain can To spread at the back of the abdomen, shoulder, abdominal spread slowly along the middle of the chest. You may have feeling vomiting, mild fever symptoms may occur. Some time stone try to get out from splenomegaly, and then stuck pittanalite bilirubin metabolism may be closed due to jaundice.

In addition to these symptoms is sufficient for diagnosis of bowel alatrasanogramai. Iarasipi necessary to know the position of the stone or the test may be. 

However, stomach ulcers, liver problems or even huderageo near any kind of pain may be required to determine their condition.

How to treatment Splenomegaly stone?
During Inflammation and intense pain, surgery are not. Usually stop for a few days in the face of the fluid feed, antibiotics and analgesics are drugs to cure the primary. After a couple of weeks later to drop or two to three months after Splenomegaly stone can be surgery, but there is no harm. Stomac hole or surgical incision in the abdomen-both of these can be. However, if the iarasipi pittanalite stone stuck in the machine is brought out.

Splenomegaly care of our to-do:

Drink two liters of water per day on a regular basis, the whole body will be smooth blood circulation, gallbladder and bile wine will work properly as a result.

Blood pressure, diabetes, kidney disease, weight, blood levels of infection is always to keep control. Splenomegaly can not function properly when these diseases increases.

Any kind of drugs, smoking too fast, oil, spices serious harmful for the body. Be aware that these matters.

Long years of birth control pill, contraceptive pill or yaunabardhaka drugs, do not eat any of hormonal drugs without a doctor’s advice.


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