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Bad Habits: Best way to quit them

Every day we do many things in our life lots of time, which creates a big problem. Generally speaking mobile phone, computer or child to cuddle posture may be different from the problem. It should be observed that any little warning. Now let us take away from those practices.

Excess Time to use Cell phones
researchers say, mobile phone text messages or using Facebook for a long time too, and used at the base of the thumb may be arthritis. For this reason, at the end of the day, you may be infected with thumb pain or numb feeling. Use as much as possible to talk on the phone, to avoid sending big messages or browsing for a long time. For them it is better to use your computer.


Taking child on your lap
To take a child in lap with both hands and hold in high and this problem name is dikuyerabhyanas tenosainubhaitis. Therefore, the pressure on the wrist and thumb. For this pain and the swelling can be. So while Children’s lap don’t use wrist, use the muscles of the hand. Take the baby’s back and his arms and his hands raised in the back not hold up or not jumping.

Taking child on your shoulder
Most of the person take children over his/her shoulders and roam here to another. The neck, spine, muscles, and bones can cause serious damage. If you want to take children over your shoulder, first sit down in a chair or bed, tell your child to climb out of bed in the neck and then slowly stand. Do not take the baby from the neck to the floor.

Lying on the sofa and watching TV
on the sofa or go to mattresses come from outside the curved head reclined another bad habit of watching TV. That’s why it can cause pain and pressure behind the neck after next day. Sit upright in a chair-side while watching TV. But not lying.

Lie down on Prostrate
many people sleep the whole night by Prostrate lying . In the mourning neck and shoulder feeling some pain. On the one hand down the wine is usually hyper-extended and the pressure on the neck. Was voted to back or side to sleep habits.


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