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Way to increase healthy weight

For hard gainer

Many eat healthy and do exercise also but remain as usual sick, their weight don’t increase naturally. This system is for those.

If you do exercise in gym then only your muscles gets stronger, but not fat increases-that’s actually wrong thinking. Fat and muscles both can increase. Normally 60% muscles and 40% fat increases. After that, this fat is decreased through different light weight exercise and through running. Body builders increase their weight in such way.

Whose weight does not increase instead of heavy eating?

Those who are too sick don’t get increases in weight after having healthy meal is called hard gainer. They have high metabolism and meals are burned after having quickly, that’s why they don’t get proper nutrition. And those who eat less but become fat have low metabolism.

All not have same metabolism. But very high and very low- both are bad. Medium condition is the best.


But what is the way for making metabolism good?

Our body burns a limited amount calorie every hour. It’s about 75 calorie each hour. According to this we need at least 1800 calorie foods daily. Then it can be asked that why we need to take many times, where we can eat only 1 time 1800 calorie!

But it’s not possible. Why? Because our body burn a fixed amount calorie within a specific period. If the amount exceeds, then these are gathered as fat on body.

And this fixed amount is less than 3 hours. Because once we eat, it at least 3 hours needed to digest these foods.

Think that A Man having height of 5 foot 6 inch and weight of 67kg may need 1800calorie. Now it is not possible to have 75 calorie within each hour. And digesting also takes time. So in that time your body need 75*3=225 calorie. Lets think its 300 calorie adding the sleeping time also. So it noticed that you have to eat 300 calorie 6 times to fulfill your demand of body.

Now let’s think about the magic of body

If people don’t eat then body at 1st will burn the fat and gather energy. And muscles will be burned. At this system body will be sick and people will also be sick day by day.

But if you eat doubled, then body will gather the remaining calorie as fat.

If you eat 3 times instead of 6 times, your digesting system will not work properly and you will feel sick

Your metabolism system will be hampered if you eat on a irregular system.

But if you eat after 3 hours every time then body does not need to gather calorie or collect energy, then you will not have extra fat in body and you will be fit and healthy.

So for being a healthy metabolism, eat frequently.

But what will eat?

Of course balanced food! I mean each time a combination of protein, carbohydrate and fat is needed.

At least 40% protein, 30% curb and 30% fat is needed.

Flesh, fish, egg, curd, rice, bread, vegetables, fruits and a lot of water.

What will not eat?

Rice, potatoes, sugar, sodium, alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, processed food, can foods, oily and spicy foods.

What kind of exercise should be done?

Normally in gym people take such weight with which can give 10 to 15 rips within 15 seconds. But for increasing weight you need such weight with which you can give 4 to 7 rips each time. Do exercise without using machine, do exercise with free weight. Do core or compound exercise.

Just like

1 bench presses

  1. Overhead presses.
  2. Pull-ups
  3. Squats
  4. Dead lifts
  5. Bar dips

Why sleeping is needed?

8 to 9 hours sleeping everyday is needed. Because growth occurs on sleeping time. In gym you can only pump muscles but they grow in the meantime of sleeping.

Now you may have got some ideas. But which process to be followed by hard gainer is discussed here-

Step before 2 steps and get behind 1 steps. 1st 1 week eat calories as much as you can. Don’t need to keep in counting. But protein should be enough. Eat after 2 hours each time. And drink more and more. Do hard exercise on gym. Do exercise for 3 days in a week. Do session for 60 to 75 minutes. Eat before 2 hours of exercise and 1 hour after gym. Take rest as much as possible.

1st day- waist, chest and belly exercise

2nd day- leg and belly

3rd day- arms, belly


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