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5 Foods that will Help to Clean Your Liver

The liver is the largest organ of the human body and an adult person liver weight is about 3 pounds. The power of digestion, metabolism, immune system, increasing the supply of nutrients to the liver and more works done by liver.

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The body blood control flow, eliminating substances from the blood toxins is remove liver. Not only to provide nutrients to various parts of body but also in addition to vitamins, iron and glucose reserves. There is a lot of work by liver to keep the body healthy. So it is necessary to keep the liver healthy. Unhealthy lifestyle, and overwork make the liver sick. SO now we will discuss about those foods, which will keep our liver healthy.

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To keep clean liver, one of the food is garlic. The enzymes of garlic remove toxins substances of the liver. Ayalisin and selenium, which is also called the material protects the liver from and harmful toxic elements and keep clean the liver. Make a habit of eating two or three slice of garlic piece everyday. In addition, you can eat vitamin which is making from garlic by doctor advice.

In grapefruit has large amount of vitamin C, anti-oxidants, which is clean the liver naturally. Eat Grapefruit or drink a glass of grapefruit fruit juice per day and keep with meals Place everyday. It will work naturally to clean your liver.


Keep an apple into you food list everyday, which will help keep the liver healthy. Apple material keep away the toxins from the digestive tract of the body, keep away Cholesterol from blood and also keep the liver healthy. There are some different elements of Apple malic acid, which is remove harmful toxins from the blood naturally. Any kind of apple that is good for the body and the liver.


Bit is another powerful food that is clean the liver. flavonoids and bita katrin components helps to keep the liver healthy. Keep a glass of bits juice of the daily food chart. In addition, two tablespoons of olive oil with a cup of chopped boot, and mix the juice of half lemon. After sometime drink this juice. It will also keep our liver healthy

Green tea

Green tea remove harmful fat and toxins from the body. According to research, those who regularly drink green tea, this is reduce the risk of cancer. Drink two to three cups of green tea per day. If you have no diabetes, you can mix honey with green tea for taste.


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