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Lower Back Pain: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

40 percent of people in some time affected or feeling waist pain or suffer lower back pain from it. Any problem your spinal bone, cartilage connector, ligaments, muscles, spine or spinal cord can be the origin caused for this waist pain. On the other hand, ovary and uterus in female, and prostate gland in men and anyone kidney problems can be the cause of waist pain and these are not unusual back pain. Bone loss, bone infections, especially tuberculosis or cancer may be the source of waist back pain.

বাংলায় জানতে এখানে ক্লিক করুন

In most cases, the ligaments around the spine or hip or waist back pain may occur suddenly due to muscle tension. Or the other side, to carry the weight of the heavy work or do anything without the knowledge of the origins of this waist pain problem. In most cases, a few days of full bed rest and taking some painkiller or some drugs that keep relax the affected muscles enough to get rid of this problem. This is the practically proved solution.


However, if this pain moves away from the waist pain to below the foot of the falls, this may cause move away that bone from the right place or refers to pressure on the nerve. Various type of arthritis, spanadailaitis common cause of hip or waist pain. Bed-sitting or unhealthy posture while working, heavy weight, pregnancy, mental pressure and more factors may have cause of pain in the waist. For this type of cases, there is nothing to be too upset. You do not need a lot of experimentation.

But if your symptoms is in the red signal during the course of the pain from the waist without consultation with the doctor to examine and find out the source of the pain.

Some of Symptoms:
– less than 20 years of age or over than 55 years old 
– older people 
– sudden Intense pain 
constant pain, and gradually increasing 
– not decreasing at night or rest 
– with fever, weight loss or night sweating 
– history of cancer 
– stomach felt wheel 
– In the morning Waist inertia
– stool or urine problem 
– the weakness of the legs 
– taking steroid drugs, The history of long-term infection or HIV-positive patients.


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