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Wrist Pain: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

The little-known disease: carpal tunnel syndrome

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Sometimes patient came to doctor with hand wrist pain. Thumb and index finger is felt more pain. Sometimes a little higher along the thumb side of the pain. Sometimes patient feels that the Insensitive of hands that night. Sometimes wake up at night due to feeling restless. When doctors examined the patient hand wrist, that thumb is some weak. After check this checkup, he said that, the name of the disease is carpal tunnel syndrome.

Why Such Is?
Hypothyroidism, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, regular drinking, weight gain, pregnancy, and for reasons of the carpal tunnel becomes smaller. In addition to the specific cause may be. Middle-age women are affected highly. If broken wrist bone is not properly pair or carpal tunnel pressure or For a long time Plaster may cause for the hand wrist pain

hand wrist pain

What are the symptoms? 
The disease of the thumb and middle finger three sirasira and uncontrolled feelings, and also with pain. Usually between the thumb and the little finger of the affected finger is never affected. At the night pain can be increase due to low blood circulation. Initially thumb and finger muscles wither slowly weakens, if the pain increases. You are feeling a little comfort when shrugged gentle hand or hanging. This pain can be raised the upper side of the wrist pain.

Test wrist pain:
for the diagnosis of nerve kanadakasana velocity Or Nesibhi Test Most Important. Nerve is such as a lot of electrical wiring, like electrical waves such as the flow of information through.
Electric power machinery mechanic measure the speed of movement by the use of the meter. Such as, test your nerves on the inside nerve conduction movement speed and the amount of electricity is determined. 
Then Electromyogram test or EMG test to measure the nerve supply and understood the muscle conditions. Wrist CT scan or MRI may be tested to understand the structure and the nerves. The affected hand X-ray test, diabetes test, the thyroid gland is essential to test.

Treatment for wrist pain:
At the first wrist pain treatment is avoided that work which puts pressure on the wrist for all types of activities. 

For example: 
Washing cloth 
Handling tube wells
Continuous writing
Drill machine is used  
To carry heavy weights
Sleep at night is quite effective
Pain killer medication and steroids injection can gives some good feeling. Many people use the direct injection for a little more pain. This may be a temporary benefit, and injection into the nerves of the hand may be more paralyzed. 
If you don’t get the expected results by these treatment then next available treatment is surgery. 
The operation in the treatment of low-risk and highly expected results. Immediately after surgery can reduce pain. A few days later reduced the expression paralyzed muscles Fitness comes back after a few weeks. 


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