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Natural ways to stay young

For ancient time people want to be more beautiful and young. In that modern era, the want is not different. In fact all wants to be young always whether it’s a TV star or a normal people.

Anti-oxidant is the magic of youth. Our body has many anti-oxidants. But today’s lifestyle-fast foods, stress, tension, smoking, less exercise make these anti-oxidant disabled. For having relief from this condition we should take foods rich in anti-oxidant. So diseases and ages will not fact anymore.


Things should be followed for taking anti-oxidant

There are no forbidden in taking fruits and vegetables as you want. But in case of taking tablets for anti-oxidant, consult with doctors. It was noticed on a investigation that while fruits and vegetables give body 100 percent anti-oxidant, tablets give only 25 percent.

Burden oil is forbidden

Many gather burdened oil for next day uses. But that’s not fair. Because it is harmful for body. Enzyme that produces anti-oxidant gets harm by that. Cooked foods should be eaten as boiled as possible. It keeps food nutrition and help in digest.

Flesh-fishes should be eaten less

It is only applied for adults. With the increasing age, flesh- fishes should be eaten less. Red meat such as beef increases iron in blood which disable the anti-oxidant process.

Stress management

Stress harms much of body and mind. But we should keep ourselves away from this. It is easy to say but really difficult to keep ourselves away.  So we should think the way to manage stress. While having stress, pour body produces a hormone from Adrenalin grand which spreads toxin and shorten the blood nerves. For that’s reason, blood pressure becomes high and side-effects of which also observed in brain and heart. Skin damages, hair fall, etc are the common physical problems. So we badly need to reduce stress. Mental pressure can be reduced by doing the things we like such as reading books, listening music, traveling etc.

Positive thinking

Now days we hear a thing lot. And that is positive thinking. Worry is like atomic bomb, it causes harm of skin, hair even heart, kidney etc. sorrows and happiness are the common parts of life. Those who can face both are the actual fighters of life. Being happy make your environment also better.

Foods list with anti-oxidant

Carotene riches fruits have anti-oxidant. Examples are- ripe bananas, papaya, mango, guava etc.

Dairy foods
Curd, milk, egg etc.

Fresh vegetables
Vegetables are the great source of anti-oxidant. Such as- spinach, carrot, cabbage, ripe pumpkin, tomato, watermelon etc. tomato and watermelon have a anti-oxidant named lypoken which prevent cancer. Fresh fruits are the best medicine for healthy skin.



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