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Take extra care of your dry and oily skin

Everyone does not have same face cutting and skin type. Black face, damaged hair etc may have someone. But don’t be afraid or ashamed of it. In fact follow these common rules:

Fair or black face beautiful:

now it is a competition of being fair is noticed by using many fair cream, lotion etc. but actually melanin decide who will be beautiful and who will not. Black skin has much melanin. It saves skin from ultraviolet light of sun. So skin remains healthy and normal. Fair skin has more risk of skin cancer.

How to take care of dry and oily skin?:

For taking care of dry skin, moisturizer is needed. Many use different brand’s moisturizer. Who have oily skin, should wash their face once daily with less acidic soap. Don’t use soap more a day.

What to do for acne? :

don’t touch it or try to thrust with nail. Otherwise it becomes a mark there permanently. Oily skin faces the acne problem more. So this kind of skin needs more care and facial massage should be avoided in case of oily skin.

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Aware of sunlight:

use umbrella on sunlight. Girls can hide skin from sunlight. But regular use of sunscreen may causes allergy of skin, even skin cancer may be occur with it. Avoid dirt also for healthy skin.

Be careful about hair also:

prevent hair fall as far as possible. Use Amarillo protein shampoo and anti-dandruff shampoo for dandruff. The causes ofg hair fall are- stress, irregular taking of meal, diet etc. so food habit should be regular and enough.

Be aware of food habit:

polyunsaturated acid changed into saturated acid for burning our soya oil much while cooking. So oil becomes useless for body and it also can’t create good cholesterol and can’t assist in keeping heart healthy. So oil should not be burned more, then it can be good for skin also.  

Is vitamin tablet useful?:

If we become aware of taking vitamins in our regular foods that we take, then we can get sufficient vitamin that we need. But some time anti-oxidant can be taken by consulting with doctors for delaying aging process of skin. Nobody becomes fat by taking vitamin.

What to do for dark circles? :

Cosmetics are sometime harmful for skin, so avoid these.

Spot free skin:

Face spot increases with the age. Many spots such as brown spot, sun spot, acne spot, spot for ages etc. but people not only young, even old people also become worry if they see any kind of spot in their face. They go to skin specialist or beauty parlor for reducing these. But most of the times they don’t get proper result in this case. Many also go to ledger centre. But nobody does not thin k that ledger is not magic. But we can reduce these spots with proper treatment and care. But if it is a permanent spot, then can’t be cured. If anyone gives you 100 percent guarantee then keep in mind that he or she may be fraud. Now-a-days, lighting cream is founded. These may cause harm to skin. Also consult with doctor before using any kind of cream. Besides eat a lot of vegetables, fruits and water.

Keep skin beautiful:

for keeping your skin fresh and bright, avoid ultraviolet light. Use umbrella or mask in this case. If you annoy with these then use a high brand sunscreen lotion or cream. Now which sunscreen will be best? Deciding this, first consider your skin color. Fair skin can’t tolerate sunlight and it becomes damaged too quickly. See the sun protection factors; sun protection factors should not be less than 15. Or more than 30 is also bad. For skin, SPF 8 to 12 is enough. Because black skin has a element named melanin that works as natural sunscreen. Now think about soap. In summer and rainy season, using soap should not be more than 2 times a day. And soap should not be more acidic. Glycerin soap or baby soap will be better. Those who don’t use soap at all, it is not good, as skin can be infected by bacteria. Skin should not be dry. Drink 8-1o glass water daily. In summer, use air-cooler or fan to stay cool. Otherwise allergy or other problems may occur and skin can be damaged.

Don’t use too much lotion or antiseptic on skin. It makes skin rough and tough. Keep skin dry in summer. Don’t use wet clothes, as it can affect skin. Be aware of skin after bath, if there any parts remained wet. And also be aware of using oil.


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