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How to lose belly fat by exercise!

You may become fatty for much unconsciousness of yours. You can make your belly flat by regular exercise and healthy dieting.

  1. With healthy diet, rest and exercise may keep your belly flat. Some tips should be followed before exercise.
  2. Do medical checkup. Choice your exercise style and elements according to doctor’s consultation.
  3. Decide how much weight you want to lose actually.
  4. Make a new food chart. Avoid fatty foods.
  5. Take enough rest regularly and sleep enough at night.

Now be prepared for exercise

Lay down strictly. Keep your hands and legs straight. Keep a ball between your legs. Place your legs ups and downs with this ball. Do that for 20 times. Then round from one side to another.


Do these for 10 circles and stop your exercise then.

Lay down straightly. Keep your legs up. Keep your legs attached with wall in a way that your bottom and hamstring touches wall. Lay down for 1 minute like this way.  Interlock your fingers and keep your hands behind of your head. Try to crunch for 10 to 25 times. Now keep your legs down and try to touch toe with hand. Try this step for 15 times. Alternately touch the toe. 5 times is enough. You can also do back stretch alter to touching the toe.

The benefits of these exercises are:

You can have a flat belly.

Abdominal muscles will be strong

It can be done without help of others

These can be modified according to your ease.


Carefulness for fitness

Whenever you look on mirror you think about your fitness, isn’t it? But often you don’t be aware of it. Fast foods don’t recognize you about fitness. But you are the creator of your motivation level. Sometime you think of going gym. But you don’t start anymore. But you have many ways. Only concentration can make you being on that specific place. First let think, why you want to exercise. Keep in mind that exercise is the best and only way to keep your fitness. Ask yourself that why aren’t you taking the chance? Are you giving excuses or you are not getting time! Let’s think about the result which will inspire you in having attention towards exercise. Learn to do commitment with yourself. And keep in mind that it’s easy to give promises but not easy to keep these. And don’t be depressed as you can’t get 80% results within 1st time. Make your fitness chart of this week. Decide which exercise will you do regularly and fix your time also. Decide the target that you can fulfill. And fulfillment of target will make you more inspired for the next week. Keep a diary if possible. Take a picture regarding your decided aim and your fulfilled aim. And being inspired day by day, you will notice one day that exercising for a long time isn’t tough for you anymore.


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