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Best exercises to gain Healthy weight

  1. Bench presses

It is a exercise for chest.

Lay down on a straight bench spreading your legs. And catch the barbell on a more differences by taking grip there. Now take deep breath and hold breath on the middle of your chest. Take the barbell up by taking deep breath. It’s the last position.

If you can’t go to gym, then do pushups at home as the alternative of this.

  1. Overhead presses

It’s a exercise of arms.


You can do it by sitting or standing up. Catch fist in a wide of a little more than distance from your shoulder. Hold it from rack, keep breathing and slowly bring it down to chin. And hold it again  up and keep breathing.

Do warm up before starting this exercise.

If you can’t go to gym then do it with any heavy weighted thing.

  1. Pull-ups

It is a exercise for beck or neck.

Stretch the hands a little more than shoulders and hang on pull up bar. Palms will be positioned to the different side of the body. And keep your body up with breathing. And keep your body down with breathing slowly.

  1. Squats

It is known as number 1 exercise. It is useful for not only fits but also for waist, stomach, heart. Many avoid this exercise as it is hard to do, technically complex.

At first the process of exercise takes into consideration. Barbell should be set below arms. Now keep barbell up to the arms and steps forwards by changing position from rack. Take breath and bring yourself down. Then again stand straightly weighted on your feet.

Stretch carefully of legs, waist before having exercise. Wear loose clothes.

Check if your form is right or not. Don’t take too weight before having a strong waist.

  1. Dead lifts

It is a exercise of behind of thigh. But arms and neck also get pressure. Don’t do this exercise if you are having pain in waist.

Barbell will be on the floor. You have to stand up straightly by holding barbell within two hands. Don’t pressurize on hand or arms. Just you have to touch with hands. Feet will have all of the pressure. Keep your head straight and look also. Doesn’t be humpback otherwise you may feel pain in waist. Chest will be blowing.

Stretch carefully before exercise. Try to wear loose clothes.

It is a difficult exercise so doesn’t take form with heavy weight. At first you take form with light weight.

Bar tips

It is more useful than branch pressure in case of having strong muscles and chest.

According to waist height, stand up with 2 bars depending on two hands and hold your body little bit up from floor. Then hold your body down with breathing. But your legs will not touch floor. Now again keep breathing and be straight. Elbows will be inside there.

If you are doing this exercise for breast then don’t be straight or if it is for arms then be straight while exercising.

Keep in mind that body’s below parts should not be moved much. Don’t do this exercise if you have pain in arms or have other injury.

It can be done with having two chairs on two sides.


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