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Easy Exercise for reducing pain

There is no one among adult’s boys and girls who do not feel pain in body. All have one complain, and that is body pain. Doctors basically consult to have pain killer to those who are suffering higher pain that is not easily reducible.  Actually medicines may cure for a little time, but those have side-effects. Best way for reducing pain is exercise.


According to doctor Hayward levy, who is a specialist of pain management department of john Hopkins medical university, “There are some sufferer of physical pain those who get pain while walking also. It is unbelievable but true that those kind of pain also has reduction possibilities with exercise.” He said that pains that are suffering from a long time also can be reduced with exercise. While exercising, muscles of body have accurate blood circulation that helps in getting much oxygen as need, and it also help in the reduction of carbon and harmful toxin which are basically responsible for pain. And exercise able the heart to pump effectively. Regular exercise also helps in reducing excess calories of body and make fit. And the most important thing is, natural pain killer is endorphin (one kind of hormone of brain).  Exercise produces that kind of hormone automatically. And exercise also results in deep sleep which gives deep peace of mind. Now the question is which kind of exercise is needed to be done? And which kind of exercise is more effective in reducing pain?

Normally simple exercise is effective for pain reduction and creation of muscles. So, walking is better. Cycling is also good. Swimming even water exercise is also effective. Those who can’t do anything of these can do free-hand exercise. Do fist and open fist, it may help in blood circulation in your fingers. But keep in mind that is awareness of your condition. If you feel weak then consult doctors before exercising.

Exercise for reducing cholesterol

Everybody is little bit worried about cholesterol. But we have a little knowledge about cholesterol. Cholesterol refers to total cholesterol HDL (high density lipoprotein) or good cholesterol, and LDR (low density lipoprotein) or bad cholesterol and TG. Basically, eating foods that have less fat, avoiding sweets and milky foods, regular exercise reduces the cholesterol in blood. Good cholesterol hinders in adherence of fat with blood nerves of heart and prevents heart diseases. On the other hand bad cholesterol gathers in blood nerves of heart and create block in heart. So the risk of heart attack increases. Most of the cases, it is noticed that, good cholesterol stays lower according to needs. There are no medicines to increase this cholesterol. But regular exercise increases good cholesterol and reduces bad cholesterol of blood. 30 minutes exercise is must for having a good cholesterol amount in blood.

Exercise increases the disease prevention power

Who exercise regularly faces less upper respiratory tractor infection or cold-cough. This information is provided by investors of mach suites university of USA.  There investigation showed the result that- who do exercise for all day within year face less neck infection comparing to others. Exercise empowers the immune system of body. You can get this benefit by doing 60 to 90 minutes medium physical work or 20 to 30 minutes exercise. Swimming, cycling, trade meal, scatting etc give the same result.


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