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Three way to test your fitness

Many consult for having a fit body. But how can you realize in what stage your fitness is at present and which exercise will change your fitness. Three exercises are described below

Fitness depends on the condition of belly. And for measuring this, there is a common exercise known as plank which is a belly exercise.

Do basic plank by lying straightly base on hand and elbow.


Result- if you can stay in this situation less than 60 seconds then your fitness is below average.

If you can 60 seconds than you have average fitness and if you can remain 60 Seconds keeping a leg on table, you have fitness upper than average!

2nd way

Pushups. Push up is known by us all. It’s position and movement are easy.


Less than 15 pushups> less than average

16 to 29 pushups> average

30 to 44 pushups> above average

More than 45 pushups> totally fit.

Way 3

Chin-up is also a common exercise known by all. There are two ways to do the exercise, one is 1) keeping the palm faced to yourself 2) keeping the palm on the other side of yours.


Less than 3 chin-ups> less than average

3 to 7> average

8 to 10> above average.

More than 10> totally fit.


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