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Yoga is the short time Exercise

Don’t have time, when will do exercise?

You don’t do exercise because you don’t get time. But you clearly know that regular exercise keeps your body and soul well. Zero-size which is a expecting things also can be gained through exercise. Today jogging, swimming cycling these are common. All do gossip in tea party….Guys today I met Riya, she told me…

Now you are alone?? What to do then? No problem! This problem also has solution. Have no time? That’s no matter. Only 5 minutes! Yes, within 24 hours, 5 minutes is enough. Fast running on nearly park or any crowd free road. Fit body or zero figure both can be gained. You are thinking is that any exercise! People will laugh at you! Actually not, you won’t do these types work at all and that is not the formula made by your brain.


New York times said that, a survey based on exercise and death rate delivered that, only 5 minutes running in a day can decrease the unnatural death rate on a noticeable percentage. Their risk is at least 1/3 times less. They live more 3 years than those who don’t do exercise at all. That means it helps in keep yourself away from diseases. You mentally also remain cool. In 2008, federal physical activity for America did several surveys and told about the importance of exercise that “walk at least 150 minutes in a week for having a good health.” But same result you may get if you walk little bit fast or if you run. If you can’t walk for 5 minutes daily then at least 2 days walk for five minutes and fri-sat run for 15 minutes, it will make you totally fit.

Lets know more tips:

  1. If you don’t have the habit of regular exercise then starts exercising slowly. 1st week run fast for 2 minutes and walk normally for 5 minutes. Next week run 3 minutes and walk also 3 minutes. Be careful if you feel OK or not. If you feel pressurized then increase your speed in on less motion. Slowly be habit for walking 5 minutes in a day within a month
  1. Control your weight. Fatty foods and oily foods should be avoided.
  2. Don’t run in a dirty place.
  3. For you, your day consist of 23 hours 45 minutes. Remaining 15 minutes are for exercise, not yours! Considering this, business can’t keep you away from exercise.
  4. If you are aged or you have heart and lungs disease then before exercising consult with doctor.

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